Jerusalem. (Wikipedia)

Lest you thought Motherlode took to heart some reader complaints that it’s somehow too Jewish focused, the New York Times parenting blog has launched a three-month series called Diary of an International Move by Devorah Blacher, a freelance writer and novelist.

In the first installment, Blacher discusses her ambivalence about picking up stakes after 20 years in Jerusalem and relocating to Rockland County, New York. Change is hard, after all, and moving is arduous even when it’s just across town.

Those who believe that moving to Israel—making aliyah—represents a kind of ascendant enlightenment, though, may look askance at what this family is doing, that is, making a descent, jumping ship from the Zionist project. In Hebrew, yeridah. Fortunately, comments thus far have not ventured into the murky zone where criticism bumps up dangerously against prejudice. But July is still three months hence.

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