Packing for sleepaway camp can be tough. Those eight-week getaways nowadays require all sorts of necessities: clothing, athletic equipment, sheets, towels, bug spray, sunscreen, tevas, optional horseback-riding helmet, etc. Luckily, though, the professionals are here to help. According to the New York Post, parents are hiring professional organizers to pack their kids for camp. With rates of $250 an hour, these sessions can cost parents as much as $1,000.

It sounds absurd, but it’s apparently quite popular. Pros like Barbara Reich of Resourceful Consultants say they’re getting lots of request for the pint-size packing jobs.

“I talked three people off the camp ledge,” Reich told The Post. “For a lot of mothers, particularly when their child is going away for the first time, it’s very stressful. Clients will say, ‘I need to touch and feel the sheets for softness.’ ”

“But these are the kinds of things they can control. They’re paying $10,000 for sleep-away camp, so they shouldn’t feel so bad for their child.”

It’s a little hard to feel bad for anyone in this situation, though if we had to choose, we’d probably pick the kids. Or their counselors. Definitely the counselors.

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