• Using Sukkot as an opportunity to “widen our communal hut,” the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent announced that it will publish marriage announcements for gay couples, just a week after Reform leader Rabbi David Saperstein testified against discrimination based on sexual orientation. [JE]
• Considering reactions to Congressman Alan Grayson’s use of the word in reference to the health care crisis, a question: “[I]s there a difference between talking about the Holocaust and talking about a generic, lower-case ‘holocaust?’” [Politico]
• After a dearth of Jews on the road during Yom Kippur had a startlingly positive effect on traffic in L.A., a blogger hopes that “Presbyterians do their part by discovering some new driving-light holidays of their own.” [NYT]
• A Dutch website is selling the right to have a street in a Palestinian refugee camp named after your twitter account and donating the proceeds to an after-school program for children there; residents report a mysterious inability to say anything in more than 140 characters. [Wired]
• Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a new grandpa. [Arutz 7]