• David Williams Sr. cleverly attempts to exonerate his son for allegedly planning an anti-Semitic terror attack on synagogues in the Bronx, by accusing “those Jews in the media” of “blowing this up.” [NY Daily News]
•If your priorities include “closing down the Board of Education, the Housing Authority and the MTA in one day, abolish them all and then restructure them, I’m your candidate,” says Isaac Abraham, who hopes to be the first Chabad member of the New York City Council. [Jewish Week]
•J Street and AIPAC are taking sides on the reelection of Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.)—for and against, respectively—over her occasionally critical stance on Israel. [Politico]
•Using Portnoy’s Complaint as an example, Louis Menand characterizes all ethnic literature as “potentially, a shanda fur die goyim.” [New Yorker]
• But what about elegiac coffee table books? A new one about the history of Jewish businesses in Atlantic City is sure to provoke nostalgia in anyone who’s ever had an Uncle Mayer the Jeweler, Cousin Sam the Egg Man, or Grandpa Alan the Milkman. [Philadelphia Enquirer]
•New Jersyite Paul Cohen is slated to play Bernard Madoff in an upcoming film; the first-time actor was chosen in part because he “had the best lips” (or lack thereof, as the case may be).[Forward]
•Does “no wrk on w/end (sat 4 now; sun l8r)” mean anything to you? It’s the 4th commandment, text message-style, plus some foreshadowing of Christianity [McSweeny’s]