• Twenty-six arrests were made on charges of child molestation in Brooklyn’s ultra-Orthodox community last year, versus one or two in years prior. That’s a good sign, the New York Times says, because it means child abuse in the community is finally being reported. [NYT]
• A Hamas-affiliated organization in Gaza—which is furious at Fatah’s waffling over whether to press the U.N. Human Rights Council to charge Israel with the findings of Goldstone Report—put Mahmoud Abbas on trial in a moot court, convicted him of high treason, and sentenced him to life in prison. [Jerusalem Post]
• Meanwhile, the Israeli government has adapted an undercover intelligence unit that originally operated within the Palestinian territories to fight Israeli organized crime. [Haaretz]
• Maurice Sendak, whose Where the Wild Things Are comes to a theater near you on Friday, isn’t a fan of Hollywood’s lighthearted treatment of childhood but he sees a kindred spirit in Wild Things director Spike Jonze. [AP