Shiva Ayyadurai and Fran Drescher. (Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for DuJour Magazine)

As Fran Fine would say, “Maaaaaaaazel tov!”

Fran Drescher married Shiva Ayyadurai this weekend, E! Online reports: “Close friends and family members attended the intimate gathering where the sounds of Drescher’s famous laugh were likely heard by all.”

The pair began dating just over one year ago. They met when Drescher attended a talk that Ayyadurai—a scientist who claims to have invented email, for which he holds the patent—was giving at an event hosted by Deepak Chopra.

“Every day is a celebration with Fran,” Ayyadurai has said of Drescher. “Every day is almost a romantic hangout with her. We’re always laughing, always enjoying ourselves.”

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