Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingston. (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Jeff Goldblum may have only gotten engaged to 31-year-old actress and aerialist Emilie Livingston this summer, but the 61-year-old actor is already thinking about babies. Goldblum dropped by Late Night with Seth Meters last night and shared some potential baby names he’d been thinking of (he also sang the Internet’s made-up words to the Jurassic Park theme song).

“I like thinking of names,” he told Meyers. “And Goldblum is such a kind of particular and, I think challenging name, sound-wise”

His first possibility is Coda Goldblum. “It’s a musical term, it means go back to the best part,” Goldblum explains to the audience, who seems lukewarm on the name. Then he tries out Mingus, an homage to jazz icon Charles Mingus. “I don’t know if it should get a laugh,” he says to the amused crowd.

His final option is Frisbee Goldblum, inspired by Meyers dog Frisbee, who he’d just met backstage.

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