• The UN Human Rights Council has endorsed the Goldstone Report, and is passing it on to the General Assembly; there are a few steps left before Israel and Hamas, if they don’t agree to conduct internal investigations into the Gaza War, could be referred to the International Criminal Court. [Haaretz]
• Editors of a satirical newspaper at Oregon’s Reed College say they’re sorry about a joke article last week that said students at cross-town rival Lewis and Clark had gassed all the Jews on campus. [AP]
The Little Traitor, a film based on Amos Oz’s novel Panther in the Basement, is called “a muddled morality tale” in the New York Times. It’s about a 12-year-old who, on the eve of Israeli independence, strikes up an ambiguous friendship with a British sergeant. [NYT]
• A book on Marc Rich, an oil trader who was indicted by the U.S. in 1983 for trading with the enemy state of Iran and subsequently fled the country, reveals Rich’s internal logic when he “kept Iranian oil flowing to Israel even after the new government in Tehran severed diplomatic relations with Israel”: “Being Jewish, I didn’t mind helping Israel. On the contrary.” [NYT]