Kosher Delight. (Flickr)

Kosher diners in Brooklyn’s Midwood neighborhood may need to start thinking broccoli instead of brisket. Kosher Delight, the borough’s oldest kosher fast food restaurant, closed its doors yesterday, the New York Daily News reports. The store had been a landmark on Avenue J since it opened in 1979.

The Huberfield family, which owns the restaurant, is reportedly looking at alternative venues for a new kosher venture, which will contain vegan and vegetarian options–a dramatic change from Kosher Delight, an establishment described by one Yelp reviewer as “like McDonalds for the Kosher Crowd. Greasy and Fast.”

The new new store will embrace the general dietary trend of healthier dining. “We want to keep our customers healthier so they come back for longer,” a Kosher Delight employee told the Daily News. The closure of the joint was long in the making. The franchise had been struggling for years, first closing its Borough Park restaurant in 2011 and then its Manhattan location in 2012.

Last October another Yelp reviewer wrote: “KD has a mesorah, and it’d be nice to pass that on to my kids someday.” Sadly, it looks like he won’t have that opportunity.