Adolf Eichmann sits in his bullet-proof dock as Tribunal judges (R to L) Itzhak Raveh, Moshe Landau, President and Bejamin Halevi start the opening session of the tribunal assembled to try former Nazi SS leader, Jerusalem 11 April 1961. (AFP/Getty Images)

A collection of documents from the 1961 trial of Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann which were discovered in a Jerusalem dumpster will be up for sale on December 2 at the Kedem Auction House.

The documents cover a wide breadth of material: statements during closing arguments, photographs of the trial, copies of the verdict and indictment, and even notes from prosecutors regarding Eichmann’s body language.

“Did you notice that he is standing for an hour without moving? There is only a single muscle you can see working: His gullet muscle. And there you also see that he isn’t so quiet.”

A large section of the collection deals with issues outside of the trial as well. Many shine light on the legality of Eichmann’s kidnapping by the Mossad in Argentina. One from Golda Meir asserts that “the capture of Adolf Eichmann in Argentina and his transfer to Israel were the subject of discussions between the governments of Argentina and Israel, and a solution was found to the disagreements that was acceptable to both governments.”

The auction is expected to bring in around $20,000.

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