The New York Times looks at the troubling truth that violence has succeeded where diplomacy hasn’t for both Israel and the Palestinians, and that Isrealis are “keeping track of a series of ticking clocks as they ponder still another military endeavor—against Iran.” [NYT]
• Meanwhile, in response to criticism from founder Robert Bernstein, Human Rights Watch has issued a statement that it “stands fully behind the work we have done on Israel,” which is “a tiny fraction of Human Rights Watch’s work as a whole.” [HRW]
• The two South Carolina Republican officials who defended Senator Jim DeMint by comparing him to penny-watching Jews have apologized, asserting their admiration for Jews and opposition to anti-Semitism. [NYT]
• A legal action filed yesterday on behalf of victims of Bernard Madoff includes some details on his life in jail, where he “sleeps in the lower bunk and he eats pizza cooked by an inmate convicted of child molestation.” [Times of London]