Yesterday, Hamas announced that it would be launching a five-day social media campaign, with the aim of softening the internationally recognized terrorist group’s image. Using the hashtag #AskHamas, the organization’s media coordinator Taher al-Nounou promised to answer queries about the group, in order to “clarify Hamas’ true positions.” The campaign was not set to begin until Friday afternoon, but it has already gone viral–for all the wrong reasons.

#AskHamas has been tweeted over 17,000 times, but the questions are not the ones the group was hoping to receive:

Hamas’s media strategy long ago descended into self-parody, dating back to the summer’s Gaza war, when their spokesman Osama Hamdan defended his claim that Jews bake their Passover matza with the blood of Christians by telling CNN “I have Jewish friends.” The hashtag campaign has proven so predictably disastrous, however, that one can’t help but wonder:

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