Nicki Minaj (Instagram )

When Nicki Minaj does bar mitzvahs, she not only performs but offers sage-like wisdom to the formative tweens in the crowd.

“Stay in school, and don’t be a slouch or a bum,” Minaj told the crowd at Matt’s high-wattage bar mitzvah this weekend. (Retired New York Knickbocker John Starks was also spotted on the red carpet.)

Minaj also had an important message for the young girls in the audience: “And ladies, never let a man have to take care of you, do you understand me? Be your own woman, be your own person.”

My apologies to the parents of the kid whose bar mitzvah is next weekend—you’re probably going to have to hire Drake now.

Here’s @NICKIMINAJ preaching to the kids at Matt’s Bar Mitzvah:

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