The cast of 'Seinfeld' on September 19, 1993 in Pasadena, CA. (Scott Flynn /AFP/Getty Images)

Oyez oyez! Calling all binge-watchers! Fluff your pillows and ready those Thin Mints! ‘Seinfeld’—in its entirety—is coming to Hulu.

The online media company, owned by majority partners NBC Universal, Fox, and Disney, announced today that it had struck a deal with Sony Pictures TV for all 180 episodes of ‘Seinfeld,’ which will be come available for streaming in June.

In March, the Wall Street Journal reported that Hulu, along with Amazon, and Yahoo, were all in on the bidding (Netflix, which in January locked up ‘Friends,’ passed).

Of course, ‘Seinfeld,’ which passed $3 billion in syndication profits in 2013—that’s $70 million for each of the show’s 180 episodes—air via reruns several times nightly on TBS and elsewhere, have netted co-creators David and Seinfeld both a cool $400 million.

So while show’s comedic geniuses continue to deservedly take the money and run to the bank, we’ll deservedly head to our beds and click ‘play.’

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