(Anna Loshkin)

The following images were taken by at the 17th annual Gay Pride Parade in Tel Aviv on Friday, June 12. Some estimates put the number of attendees at more than 180,000, making it the largest such celebration in the region.

gaypride01 gaypride02 gaypride03 gaypride04 gaypride05 gaypride06 gaypride07 gaypride08 gaypride09 gaypride10 gaypride11 gaypride12 gaypride14

The winner of the 2014 Eurovision song contest, Conchita Wurst:

gaypride18 gaypride13 gaypride19

Anna Loshkin is a photojournalist currently based in Tel Aviv. Her work has been featured in Newsweek Japan, Vice, and BBC Russia, among others. Visit her website and follow her on Twitter at @AnnaLoshkin.