Does the Bible Predict a Victory for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

The Good Book praises Blatt, LeBron

By Liel Leibovitz|June 10, 2015 10:18 AM

The NBA Finals are well under way [1], and to the list of those predicting it will end with the triumph of the Cleveland Cavaliers you can now add the Holy Bible: as eagle-eyed observers [2] in Israel—where support for the Cavs and its Israeli coach, David Blatt, is feverish—have noticed, the Good Book itself might’ve already foretold the victory.

In 1 Samuel 18:22, King Saul commands his attendants to speak to the young and rebellious David in secret and convince him to become the monarch’s son-in-law. Here’s the verse [3] in English:

Then Saul ordered his attendants: “Speak to David privately and say, ‘Look, the king likes you, and his attendants all love you; now become his son-in-law.’” 

It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but the Biblical Hebrew word for “in secret” just happens to be Blatt, which makes the sentence read as follows: “Speak to David Blatt and say, ‘Look, the King Likes You.’” The King. As in King James, number 23, the great LeBron. What more proof do you need?

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