Yishai Schlissel, the man who stabbed six people Jerusalem’s Gay Pride Parade in July, causing the death of 16-year-old Shira Banki, was indicted on Monday for his crimes, reported Haaretz. Schlissel, 39, is charged with one count of premeditated murder and six counts of attempted murder.

Shlissel, an Ultra-Orthodox Jew from Modiin Illit, stabbed three people at the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade in 2005. He was released from prison just weeks before he committed the crimes he is currently standing trial for; the fact that Schlissel committed a similar crime ten years later seems like an egregious oversight by Israeli police.

In court, Shlissel was unrepentant and defiant. He has refused legal representation because he rejects the court’s earthly authority. According to the JTA, he delivered the following statement to the court: “The pride parade must be canceled to elevate Shira Banki’s soul. If you care for her well-being, you must cease this blasphemy against God. The parades bring harsh decrees upon Israel.”

Shlissel underwent a mental examination shortly after he committed the attacks and was found to be fit to stand trial.

By request of the Jerusalem District Prosecutor’s Office, Shlissel will remain in custody until the “end of the legal proceedings against him,” Haaretz reported. A hearing will be held on Tuesday to finalize this request.

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