For nearly two decades, Murray’s Bagels in New York has enforced a no-toasting policy when it comes to their bagels, because, well, they’re fine and delicious as they are. But it appears that the invisible hand of the market has finally given the company a slap on the face, prompting management to rescind its steadfast rule because, apparently, the customer wants what the customer wants. The decision came in the form of a tweet from Murray’s Bagels, stating:

Murray’s Bagels will now toast. Although we still firmly believe that a hand-rolled, kettle-boiled, fresh Murray’s Bagel is superb, our customer’s satisfaction is paramount to us. We will now toast bagels upon request and hope that everyone will enjoy New York’s best bagels any way they choose.

Perhaps, writes Quartz, it was the pressure of the new-in-town wood-fired Montreal-style bagel that pushed the decision forward.

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