Celebrating an event or milestone in the year 5776 that you’d like to share with others? You’re invited to be part of a special feature in our print magazine. It’s modeled after the “mazel tov” pages of the synagogue newsletters of yore, but we want this one to reflect the community of our readers—diverse, global, cosmopolitan, boundary-less but still bound together.

Which is where you come in. Who is your family, your community? It could be your synagogue or JCC; it could be you and the fellow members of your Yiddish theater troupe; your Sephardic cousins you see once a year; your Daf Yomi chevrusa; you and the child you had on your own; the business partner who just landed seed funding for your start-up. The point is: We want you and the people you love, and the milestones that are meaningful to your lives, reflected here.

Email mazeltov@tabletmag.com with your name, city, and the news you’d like to share. Photos encouraged.