As the Yom Kippur fast approaches, there’s one thing I know to be certain: not eating sucks. But rather than adopting a curmudgeony approach like yours truly, University of Michigan undergrad Becca Soverinksy, a writer, proposes another way to cope with the “communal misery” of the Yom Kippur “hangry time”: with a logical sense of humor.

Recently, Soverinksy published an article on website Spoon University, titled “The 10 States of the Yom Kippur fast, as Told by Amy Schumer.” Via Amy Schumer GIFs, Soverinksy points out the hilarious behavioral struggles one might experience during the Yom Kippur fast. (Schumer, it should be noted, won an Emmy on Sunday night for Best Variety Sketch Series.) Enjoy.

(And no cheating!)

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