Did you hear the one about five drones, two helicopters, an observation balloon, a peeved transportation minister and one blushing Israeli bride?

This was to be the security set-up at supermodel Bar Rafaeli’s wedding to billionaire businessman Adi Ezra at the Carmel Forest Spa Resort in northern Israel last week. Taking extreme security precautions per the suggestion of Rafaeli, Israel’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) created a no-fly zone over the venue. This outraged Israel’s Transportation Minister, Israel Katz, who eventually vetoed that decision.

According to BBC News, Katz threatened CAA chief Joel Feldschuh: “If the skies are not open above Bar Refaeli’s wedding, you will be removed from your post.” He also said: “The skies belong to all Israeli citizens and we can’t offer special treatment for this event over other events.”

Regardless, the wedding went on as planned with the air space above, open to the plebeian public.

On Wednesday, the 30-year-old bride tweeted an Instagram of a casual Ezra and herself (in a custom Chloé dress) from their wedding.

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