Indie darling Zooey Deschanel is now officially a Member of the Tribe. Or, she has been since June when she converted for her Ashkenazic producer-hubby Joey Pechenik. The Jewish newlyweds welcomed their first child, Elsie Otter, the following month.

Deschanel’s conversion comes at a particular Jewy time in Hollywood, as former porn star Jenna Jameson is reportedly in the process of converting to Judaism and James Franco having a bar mitzvah to raise money for charity.

Deschanel, 35, is no stranger to Jewish customs during Hannukah, and we look forward to more adorable candle-lighting tweets come this holiday season. The New Girl, who plays a mean ukulele, (she has a folk band, too!), was raised in a non-affiliated household to a Roman Catholic mother and a Quaker father. Years ago, she told US Weekly about her upbringing: “My family is liberal. I was raised in the ‘you can be whatever you want’ kind of way. And in the end, I was like, ‘Eh.’”

Seems like she’s already got the Larry David-esque “Eh” shrug-thing nailed down. And that’s a pretty pretty pretty good start.

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