‘Tis the season to be jolly, but John Kerry is too sad to make the Yuletide gay.

Israel, he warned the congregants of the Saban Forum held this weekend at the Brookings Institute in Washington, D.C., is teetering on the verge of disaster. “Violence, settlement activity, demolitions, are imperiling the viability of a two state solution,” while Palestinians, the Tiny Tims of the Levant, are “focused on a reality that few others see,” a melancholic reality of dashed hopes and broken dreams.

It pains me to see the Secretary of State feeling so blue, and so I’d like to suggest a Christmas tree to cheer up the Foggy Bottomed gentleman. How about this beauty, currently on display at Al Quds University outside of Jerusalem and adorned with photos of Palestinians who have slaughtered Israelis?

If that fails, there are always stocking stuffers, like this fetching dagger-shaped perfume bottle, all the rage these days among discerning Gazan shoppers. Kerry Christmas, Mr. Secretary!