• A mother addresses what she calls “one of the biggest Jewish dilemmas”: Can our kids celebrate Halloween? Her conclusion seems to be that the only reason to say yes is that costumes are “cute” and the only reason to say no is that it skeletons are “spooky.” [Jewish Journal]
• The Telegraph takes on a potentially much more important question: “Why shouldn’t Larry David urinate on a painting of Christ?” Arguing that David treats Jews and Muslims with equal ruthlessness on Curb Your Enthusiasm, a blogger says that his recent defamation of Jesus fits into the show’s style: “That’s how farce works: it’s farcical.” [Telegraph]
• Former Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk will have at least one ally on his side when he faces trial in Germany, but it might hurt more than help him: former Ohio congressman James Traficant, who was released from prison last month after a seven-year corruption sentence, has offered to attend in support of the alleged murderer. [JTA]
• Meanwhile, Fritz Darges, the last of Adolf Hitler’s cronies, has died at 96, leaving instructions to publish his memoirs, which experts hope could be the key to understanding how personally involved the Führer (whom Darges called “warm-hearted” and “a genius”) was in implementing the Holocaust. [Telegraph]
• Hebrew is one of many non-Latin scripts that have been approved today for use in web addresses. [AP]