• The Wall Street Journal reports on a secret U.S. mission that has rescued 60 Yemeni Jews and brought them to the United States to escape increasing anti-Semitic violence. [WSJ]
• Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised Israel’s granting of concessions on West Bank settlement growth, saying that “what the prime minister has offered in specifics of a restraint on the policy of settlements which he has just described—no new starts, for example—is unprecedented in the context of prior-to negotiations.” [JTA]
• Israel has arrested an ultra-Orthodox Jewish settler accused of terrorism against Arabs, gays, and messianic Jews. [AP]
• An op-ed in the New York Times argues: “Only a U.S. president with the political courage to risk Israeli displeasure—and criticism from that part of the pro-Israel lobby in America which reflexively supports the policies of the Israeli government of the day, no matter how deeply they offend reason or morality” can make any progress toward peace with the Palestinians. [NYT]