• In trying to negotiate a law penalizing adults who procure alcohol for minors, members of Israel’s Knesset got a little carried away, debating whether to sentence grandfathers to jail time for sharing a sip of Sabbath wine with the kids (we guess grandmothers are presumed less likely to corrupt minors). [JPost]
• In the illustrious tradition of attempting to make “kosher” versions of secular technology, Religious Zionist rabbis in Israel have signed a petition calling for “safe surfing” programs on phones that have internet access. [Ynet]
• Now that the cat’s out of the bag about a recent clandestine airlift of more than 60 Jews from Yemen to the United States, representatives of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and the Jewish Federations of North America are opening up about their roles in the rescue. [JTA]
• Israeli zoo Ramat Gan Safari claims to be the world’s biggest exporter of hippopotamuses thanks to its frisky specimens. Good on ya! [Times of London]