Chef Ari White of the Wandering Que was named the Brisket King of New York City after judges voted his lamb brisket tops in the Big Apple. He also presented a cured lambcetta (drool) at an annual competition earlier this month. It looked delicious. Winners in other categories were Blue Smoke (for the “smoked” category) and Cannibal (for brisket innovation).


A few years ago, White, who learned to slow-smoke meats from his father in Texas and currently operates a catering company in Yonkers, NY, shared with Tablet his secret rub recipe. No, really: the Brisket King of New York City shared his cooking secret with us, and now it’s all yours, to have and to hold and to cherish. And, given that summer is right around the corner, you can put it to work. That is, if you have a BBQ pit, which, if you live in NYC, is unlikely. But whatever. Go and get one anyway. Smoke out the neighbors.

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