• Women make up 75 percent of the workforce but only hold 14 percent of the leadership positions at Jewish communal organizations, according to a study by the Forward, and in those jobs, they are paid 61 cents for every dollar paid to male counterparts, due in part to the “familial, sometimes paternalistic nature” of the organizations, the paper says. [Forward]
• Analysts argue that President Barack Obama’s miscalculations in the Israel-Palestinian conflict—including “an excess of zeal at first”—have set the effort back. [WPost]
• The story of the Iranian arms ship seized by the Israeli army has been complicated by Hezbollah’s denial that the shipment was headed its way and Israel’s release of the ship; the Foreign Ministry is still determined to use the incident to draw attention to the Iranian threat. [Haaretz]
• Meanwhile, Iran “warned” Germany to beware of insidious Zionist forces after Chancellor Angela Merkel told the U.S. Congress, “Whoever threatens Israel also threatens us.” [Haaretz]