Every day this week—Major League Baseball’s opening stretch—we have featured one story on The Scroll about baseball. We began by watching Jewish baseball players striking out, because watching people fail can be fun, and because it also provides for a life lesson. Then we learned about the intersection of Donald Trump and baseball, which, as you can imagine, is a tinge ugly. And yesterday, Tablet columnist Marjorie Ingall washed away the Trump grime by bringing us a list of excellent Jewish baseball books to read to the kids in your life, because youths and baseball are a match made in heaven, by which I mean Fenway Park.

We’ve covered quite a few topic about baseball and baseball-playing Jews over the years here at Tablet, and these articles are well worth a visit. They should get you amply amped for the 162-game season during which I am sure you will find yourself at a ballpark. And if you don’t, make it happen. Go alone. Bring a crossword. Buy a Bud. Lather yourself in SPF-50. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds. Breathe in.

Forget Peanuts and Cracker Jack. What Jews Love About Baseball is Jewish Players. by John Wertheim

Slugger, a Vox Tablet podcast

My Favorite Anti-Semite: An American Jewish Reflection on Ty Cobb for Opening Day by Ari Hoffman

The One Where Bill Cosby Helps the New Kid in Town Own His Jewish Identity by Jonathan Zalman

Branca, of Fames Homer, Has Jewish Heritage by Marc Tracy

Lesson From Losers, by Marjorie Ingall

Play Ball by Sara Ivry

How a Jewish Kid From Connecticut Made it to the Major League by Adam Chandler

Why My Home Team Will Always Be Detroit, Even Though I Live in Boston by Steve Calechman

Hammertime: Al Rosen (1924-2015) by Bethlehem Shoals

The Hall of Fame Case for Lip Pike, by Richard Michelson

Jews Who Love the Mets by Hannah Vaitsblit and Jonathan Zalman

Marvin Miller, Baseball’s Union Head, Dies at 95 by Adam Chandler

Baseball’s Foul Past Returns, by Peter Ephross

Jewish Baseball Great Al Rosen Dies at 91 by Stephanie Butnick

Fans Vote Sandy Koufax as One of the Four Greatest Living Players by Jonathan Zalman

Did Sandy Koufax Lay Tefillin During the 1965 World Series? by Aaron R. Katz

Shawn Green, BuJew by Marc Tracy

Is Baseball’s Rod Carew Jewish? by Zachary Schrieber

Ryan Braun Is a Major League Baseball Star. So Why Haven’t Jews Embraced Him? by Eric Freeman

The Little League Legend Who Lied by Jonathan Zalman

Supreme Court Justice Arrives Late to Baseball Playoffs Because of Yom Kippur by Yair Rosenberg

Israel’s National Baseball Squad Takes Shape by Marc Tracy

What Little League Baseball Taught Me About Being a Jewish Parent by Jordana Horn

Who Are the All-Time Jewish Home Run Kings? by Jonathan Zalman

Spiritual Moneyball by Liel Liebowitz

Israel Wins Home Game in Baseball Classic by Adam Chandler

Sam Fuld, Your New Baseball Hero by Marc Tracy