Passover is here. Can you feel it? Can you feel the back pain, the plagues, the Exodus—wait, where’s the wine? Are you ready for a belly full of matzo and karpas? Who put this person in charge of the Seder? WHEN ARE WE EATING? Who’s singing “Dayenu” with me? “Chad Gadya?” Hey! I never got that much money for finding the afikoman when I was a kid. Where are the raspberry Jelly Rings? Look, watch me eat them off my fingers.

However, you slice it, Passover rocks—and it can be quite funny. At least I think so. And so does Sebastian Maniscalco, a half-Sicilian, half-Italian comedian whose take on his experience of attending his first Seder, from his 2014 special Aren’t You Embarrassed, is a hoot. Hopefully, the following clip will get you in a game mood for your own Seder, with your beloved family.