• A federal judge has ruled that license plates issued by South Carolina decorated with a cross and the words “I Believe” are unconstitutional; here’s hoping the state doesn’t secede. [AP]
• Quentin Tarantino collaborator Eli Roth says that the filmmaker may put out a prequel to his World War II revenge fantasy Inglourious Basterds. Moviefone suggests a title: “Inglourious Feetuses.” [Moviefone]
• A new study has shown that nagging text messages imploring you to save money or take your meds can actually make an impact; Newsweek calls the idea “your Jewish mother, on your mobile.” Um, what’s new about that again? [Newsweek]
• The rise and fall in popularity of certain souvenirs at a shop in Gaza—from U.N. flags to mugs reading “SMILE You are in Largest Jail on Earth Gaza”—illustrates the changing political situation in the region. [NYT]