Imagine singing a song you love—say Dylans Like a Rolling Stone—to a small crowd, when an inspired member of the audience decides to sing along with you the rest of the way. You both sway and hum in harmony, in tandem, and when you meet to share another moment after the tune ends, you find out you’ve been harmonizing all along with Bob Dylan himself. Then, you either faint, crap your pants, or just say “holy smokes” over and over for eternity.

Well, this exact moment happened last Friday, except it was reggaeman Mastisyahu who revealed himself, not Dylan. Oh, and everybody played it cool.

The story goes like this: Matisyahu was in Maui where he was headlining a music festival. Before the show, the singer went to the beach in Paia, and stopped by the Honolulu Coffee Company shop on the island, reported Maui Watch, a local website. Then, the magic happened.

Matisyahu’s bassist, Stu Brooks, recorded a video of Clint Alama, a local Hawaiian musician, playing Matisyahu’s “One Day” on a ukulele in a coffee shop. Soon, Matisyahu himself sings along, before revealing himself to the local artist, and then offering him a gift. A sweet, sweet occurrence.

This was rad. This kid started singing Matisyahu’s “One day” and didn’t know that the artist was right in front of him. Watch the reveal at the end. He still didn’t believe it was him and it took a second for it all to sink in. Loved this moment. #matisyahu #hawaii #oneday #paia #maui #mayjahrayjah

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Posted by Stu Brooks on Sunday, July 31, 2016

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