• A renegade monkey was spotted heading toward the Tampa Jewish Community Center, sending police on a search and forcing the Center’s day-care participants to stay indoors today; if it had been this primate, they might not have had a problem. [Tampa Bay Online]
• David Cohen, a 25-year-old jockey with the fourth most wins in the United States, says he’s an expert at “how to hit a horse properly” but dreams of someday owning a Jewish deli. [Forward]
• In other Jewish equestrian news, Bobby Frankel, a horse trainer who had a particularly successful relationship with the stable of Saudi Arabian Prince Khalid Abdullah, died at 68. [BloodHorse]
• Some rabbis advise that while flying, it’s better to pray in one’s seat rather than to arrange a minyan: “The airlines don’t like people congregating in the back of the plane any more,” said one. [JC]
• Job Cohen, the unfortunately-named mayor of Amsterdam, is the fourth Jew who has held the position since World War II, which, a blogger pointed out, is “a better record than New York.” [JTA]