When we last left Oberlin professor Joy Karega, she had been placed on paid leave while the college investigated her questionable conduct on social media. That conduct, as has been extensively reported, included sharing anti-Semitic material on Facebook that accused Israel and Jews of being behind 9/11, ISIS, the Charlie Hebdo attack, and much else. Perhaps most notoriously, Karega, who taught “social justice writing” to undergraduates, shared a meme in which Jewish banker Jacob Rothschild is depicted as saying, “We own your news, the media, your oil, and your government.”

One might have thought that while her record was being scrutinized for anti-Jewish bigotry, particularly on social media, Karega would have held off engaging with any more anti-Semitic content on Facebook. But one would be wrong.

Earlier this week, Karega posted a press release from her spokesman under the headline, “Oberlin College Has Engaged In A Relentless Persecution Of Joy Karega.” Predictably, the link quickly drew supportive comments from Karega’s Facebook friends. Also predictably, it drew anti-Semitic comments from those friends:


The highlighted post, with its fulminations about “expos[ing] the Jew” and discredited conspiracy theory about Khazar Jews masterminding the slave trade and usurping the identity of the true Jews, was liked by two people—one of them Karega.


Presumably, the Oberlin team tasked with investigating Karega will take her latest Facebook foray into anti-Jewish invective into account.

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