Look: This whole UNGA thing—you know, that New York event with those speeches by world leaders, including ones by Mahmoud Abbas and Bibi Netanyahu —is important and all, what, with a civil war raging on and on in Syria, and a Palestinian-Israeli conflict that continues and continues and continues. But you know what’s also news? Bathroom breaks. Especially Bibi’s.

The ever-reliable Page Six got a searing scoop yesterday, as they spotted the Israeli leader, whose hair sometimes looks blue (am I the only one who see this?), dining at Cipriani near Grand Central Station. Apparently, Bibi and his wife were rolling like 40 deep, and when he had to use the restroom mid-meal, 20 members of his entourage reportedly came with. Thankfully, Page Six did not go in there because ethics, ya know?

Reported The New York Post gossip institution: “A rep for the restaurant declined to comment on the ‘Netanya-loo’ visit.”

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