The 2016 Presidential Election, ever the punching bag, has also been a boon to media organizations around the world. And so, as the election comes to a close tonight, talks shows are saying their goodbyes, in a sense. Below is a video from Monday’s Late Show With Stephen Colbert, in which the host encouraged viewers to vote, which is something everybody should do, because it’s a civic duty and a true marker of adulthood (read: a freedom) that millions of people have fought for so we can enjoy these endless nights staring at our iPhones in our warm, warm beds. (Vote, people!)

Anyways, where we? Ah, yes. Colbert. So Colbert’s did his nice-guy shtick last night, signing and encouraging people to vote with the help of a young, talented girl, when Jon Stewart makes an appearance. And the three of them do a shtick, sometimes breaking character, and having an otherwise jolly good time, when Stewart, at about the 7:45 mark, breaks out: “Papa can you hear me?” Yentl people! Vote!

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