• Slate’s Jack Shafer examines the New York Times’s proclivity, evidenced in its weekend story about Montana (which we covered yesterday), for “hey-folks-we’ve-found-some-Jews-living-in-a-strange-place moments.” [Slate]
• “Is there jockeying?” a Jewish Democratic consultant says of the White House Hanukkah party guest list. “Oh my God, jockeying is a polite word.” [WaPo]
Heeb magazine compares the two new Christmas albums from non-Christian rock stars Neil Diamond and Bob Dylan. [Heeb]
• Despite U.S. researchers’ conclusion that the ostensible remains of Hitler in Russia’s possession contained female DNA, a Russian security service spokesman insisted that its jawbone and skull fragment were genuinely the Führer’s. [Haaretz]
• Check out an excerpt from 36 Arguments for the Existence of God, from Nextbook Press author Rebecca Newberger Goldstein. [Edge]