• A diplomat distanced the United States from the European Union’s statement advocating negotiations on Jerusalem. “We believe this is a final-status issue,” he said. [Ynet]
• Prime Minister Benjamin Netayahu alleged that the Palestinians’ strategy is to delay negotiations indefinitely. He also warned that a failure to engage will result in no resolution. [Haaretz]
• One article profiles chefs who are Gentile but married to Jews, who learn how to cook Hanukkah delicacies, usually with a twist (sous vide brisket! sufganiyot with dulce de leche!). [NYT]
• A profile of Eddie Goldstein—“one of the last Jews in Boyle Heights”—tells the story of his neighborhood, which used to be the center of Los Angeles Jewish life but is now largely Hispanic, through the story of his life. [LAT]
• On a dare from journalist Jeffrey Goldberg, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), a Mormon, wrote a Hanukkah song. You can listen to it … on Tablet Magazine. [NYT]