Hey now, Israel: Justin Bieber is coming to town.

The former teen hearthrob who is now perhaps the most popular musical artist on the planet, and who still has fantastic blond hair, will be performing in Tel Aviv this May as part of his “Purpose” tour, which I’ve learned is a “movement.” Biebs was last in Israel in 2011 and made headlines because he didn’t show for a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which is a shame because I’m sure it made for wonderfully easy headlines that wrote themselves, like “Biebs Shuns Bibi,” or “Biebs Is a Baby,” or “Biebs v. Bibi,” and other such fun.

Of course, five years ago, Bieber, then a foul wee homunculus, visited Israel because wanted to walk where Jesus did, and not get harassed by paparazzi, and get a tattoo with Hebrew lettering, all of which occurred, except for the paparazzi part, which, kid, if you’re taking notes, is part of the job even though it’s gross. In the end, despite all the hubbub, Bieber said he “just wanted to have a good, you know?” Yep, we know.

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