• The iconic wrought-iron sign that greeted new arrivals at Auschwitz with the words “Arbeit macht Frei” has been stolen. Police suspect neo-Nazis; the theft could be tied to Germany’s recent decision to commit over $80 million to the Polish site’s restoration. [Times of London]
• A left-wing Israeli lawyer living in Maryland pleaded guilty in federal court to disclosing classified communications. Shamai Kedem Leibowitz is alleged to have leaked U.S. intelligence documents to an unnamed blogger. [Politico]
“Person of the Year” Ben Bernanke was approved by a Senate panel for a second five-year term at the helm of the Federal Reserve. Next step: a (likely contentious) vote of the full Senate. [WSJ]
• An AP reporter examines in detail how Palestinian villages in the West Bank are adversely affected by the existence of nearby Israeli settlements. [AP]
• Crooner Michael Feinstein celebrates the rich catalogue of Christmas songs written by Jews (take that, Garrison Keillor!). [NYT]