This, apparently, is a new low for Politico.

On Sunday, just in time for Passover, Politico published an article by reporter Ben Schreckinger, under the tutelage of editor Blake Hounshell, about the alleged ties between Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Jared Kushner, and a “happy-go-lucky Jewish group” called Chabad, “the most sprawling Jewish institution in the world.” The article cherry-picks Chabad’s connections to “Trump’s kind of Jews,” and to “Putin’s kind of Jews,” painting an alleged web of Jewish power-ties involving Berel Lazar a.k.a. “Putin’s rabbi” that reads like “a depiction straight out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” as Bethany Mandel wrote in The Federalist.

The article was soon picked up by the Forward under the headline, “Is Chabad the Missing Link in Trump’s Russia Scandal?” The current headline reads “Politico Called Anti-Semitic For Accusing Chabad In Trump’s Russia Scandal Read.”

Politico itself changed the article lead art, from a silhouette of Chabad Jews to an image of Putin.

I was told that a source for the Politico article may have been GPS Fusion, a secretive political messaging shop out of Washington D.C. run by three former WSJ reporters responsible for the Trump dossier story.

Criticism has poured in from all sides of the spectrum.

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