• Tzipi Livni rejected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s offer to include her Kadima party in his unity cabinet. [Forward/Haaretz]
• Mordecai Vanunu, who blew the whistle on Israeli nuclear activities in 1986, was ordered under house arrest after meeting with “a number of foreigners” in violation of his conditional release from prison. [WSJ]
• Cancer rates among Israeli Holocaust survivors are significantly higher than those of Jews who migrated to Palestine before or during World War II, a new study found. [NYT]
• Peter Orszag, Obama’s budget czar, announced his engagement to ABC News correspondent Bianna Golodryaga. “She’s a Russian Jew who gets up earlier than I do,” he said. [NYT]
• Alice Schiller, who grew up in an Orthodox Indiana household but ended up running one of Los Angeles’s most famous burlesque clubs, died at 95. [NYT]
• Mazel tov to the man in Israel who just secured his country’s record by accomplishing his 11th divorce (all of which were halachic). Ladies, this means he’s single! [JPost]