• It turns out Jews have contributed more to Easter than just the man whose resurrection it celebrates: A new documentary reveals that Peeps were first mass-produced by Russian-Jewish immigrant Sam Born. The marshmallow candies are still not kosher, however. [ Gothamist]
• And, if you don’t eat pork, you might want to stay away from British chicken, which is sometimes injected with unholy proteins from that cloven-hoofed animal. British kosher chickens, however, are still, er, kosher. [Sun]
• Can the same be said of your mobile phone? While some eagerly await the iPhone app that’ll free them from having to use eye contact ever again, ultra-Orthodox rabbis in London have ordered 6,000 phones to have their texting capability removed. [Yeshiva World News]
• Harry Potter who? Next year all the kids will be dressing up as an obscure rabbi in a bear suit. [Chicken Stitches]
• Borscht-belt humor from Shimon Peres’s wife, Sonya. [Vanity Fair]
• Need to freshen up your dartboard? Life has never-before-published pictures of Hitler & co. [Life]