Amy Schumer makes us laugh. This we know. She’s also an outspoken critic of gun violence and body-positivity role model. She’s also very rich.

The other day, Schumer was running around Chicago where her friends live, probably north of the city in Wicker Park because that’s where all the cool beautiful people live, when she realized she had to pee. So she went—where else?—to a mattress store.

An employee of the store didn’t recognize her, but that didn’t seem to matter: The woman let Schumer in to use the bathroom. Afterward, Schumer asked the mattress store employee, Sagine Lazarre, which mattress was her fave. Then the comedian bought it for her—at a $2,000 price tag.

Lazarre told Chicago’s WGN news that although she is familiar with Schumer and has watched her work, she was in disbelief in the moment, and thought it was a prank.

“It’s amazing, mind-blowing. I’m still shocked,” Lazarre told a local Chicago TV station.

Schumer and her publicity team declined to respond to news outlets’ requests for comment. It seems that the comedian wants to remain low-profile regarding her generosity. (It’s not the first time she’s been so kind.)

Most recently, Schumer released a stand-up special for Netflix, entitled The Leather Special. She will also be starring alongside Goldie Hawn in an upcoming action comedy entitled Snatched.