Excuse me, I only have a minute. I’m obsessively watching my email in anticipation of the notification that Oh, Hello on Broadway is debuting on Netflix. It could happen any day. And so, a quick summary that was the week on Jewcy:

The Good: I have yet to see Bette Midler in Hello, Dolly!, but another writer sure has (I’m not bitter… OK, I’m bitter). Her piece also dissects a fascinating disagreement between Carol Channing and Tovah Feldshuh over whether or not Dolly has to be played as Jewish, and that sentence either has you very interested or completely checked out, which is how we like it here.

The Bad: They’re remaking Dirty Dancing for TV. There’s a new short trailer. There are so many things I resent about it already, but my greatest fear is that the Jewish classic is going to be goyified. We’ll see.

The Strange: The cultural mashup I certainly was not expecting: KoreanOrHasidic.com. Basically, the website features a quiz where you listen to clips from either K-pop or Hasidic music and have to guess which is which. It’s actually really difficult.

Finally, if anyone’s in, say, Colorado, Oregon, Washington (if you get where this is going, you’re more likely to be interested), an Israeli film Jewcy reviewed all the way back in November (One Week and a Day) is having a bizarre promotion—they’re giving away free weed via Instagram.

If you win, let me know how your prize affects your ability to discern Korean from Hasidic music. Or if it makes the new Dirty Dancing watchable.