• The White House flatly denied that chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel threatened to disengage from the peace process because he was “fed up” with Israel. Haaretz reported he did this morning. [Jeffrey Goldberg]
• Israel’s deputy foreign minister predicted that a nuclear Iran would prompt a massive regional arms race. [Haaretz]
• Scott Rothstein, the Florida man who allegedly orchestrated a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme, is working on a plea that would spare him a life sentence. [AP/Vos Iz Neias?]
• Fun with Orange County, California, white-supremacist anti-Semitic political parties. [OC Weekly via The Awl]
• Finally, we just received the Holocaust Memorial Museum’s official statement on the death of James Von Brunn: “The Museum’s thoughts and prayers continue to be with Officer Stephen Tyrone Johns’ family at this time. Officer Johns died heroically defending the Museum, visitors and staff. This tragedy is a powerful reminder that our cause of fighting hatred remains more urgent than ever.”