• While his plane sat on a Miami runway, an Arab-American man shouted, “I want to kill all the Jews!” When the plane took off, he was no longer aboard. [Arutz Sheva]
• Netanyahu’s office formally complained to the White House over the Palestinian government’s alleged glorification of terrorism. [Haaretz]
• C-Span call-in shows tend to attract questioners who spout anti-Semitic tropes on the air. C-Span’s hosts, moreover, tend not to correct the record. [Jeffrey Goldberg]
• Israeli troops reportedly came across Hezbollah bombs buried in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah must be unarmed in that area under a U.N. resolution. [JTA]
•Arsonists damaged the only synagogue on the island of Cyprus. [JTA]
• Orthodox European rabbis condemned calls for full-body scans at airports following the attempted Christmas Day bombing of an Amsterdam-to-Detroit flight. The measure would violate the modesty code of observant Jewish women, they said. [Haaretz]