Jewcy isn’t just about celebrity shenanigans and humor pieces. We are also a Serious Publication with Classy Articles. Don’t get it twisted.

For example, this week we have not one, but two interviews with female Jewish directors. One is Amanda Lalezarian, who made a short documentary about the Danish-Jewish community (you can also watch the whole thing on the website, too). The other is Ela Thier, who wrote, directed, and stars in an indie flick about time travel. (Good news: Jews still exist in the future!)

In fact, we’re keeping it so classy that we reviewed the new Irving Penn centennial retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Jewish photographer shot for Vogue for over 50 years. How fancy can you get?

In fact, we are so super-duper classy that we follow real estate news like we were the Sunday edition of The New York Times. As in, we have a piece about Jonathan Safran Foer’s Brooklyn house for sale. The asking price? $10.5 million. Yes, of course there are pictures, including of the master bedroom complete with wood-burning stove.

Before long, we may return to Shia LaBeouf shenanigans and Semitic sexploitation. But in the meantime, if you need me, I’ll be eating caviar off of a tiny dish made from a re-purposed monocle, reveling in my flirtation with how the other half does journalism.