The hottest new animated children’s show on Hamas’s Al Aqsa TV is called A Special Mission. It follows a Palestinian Authority police officer named Bahlul—that’s Arabic for “buffoon”—who spends his days receiving U.S. sponsorship and slavishly kissing up to an Israeli soldier. The soldier wears sidecurls and a black hat and, in the first episode, machine-guns Palestinian children to death and drinks their blood. Bahlul responds: “You killed our children before my eyes. I will respond with even more peace.”

Truly grotesque and unreconstructed anti-Semitism aside, it is somewhat interesting that Hamas is so explicitly lodging anti-Palestinian Authority propaganda. Although it is clear that Hamas does not consider the P.A. to be its true enemy.

But, as they say, watch the whole thing:

UPDATE: Hamas has actually gone down this road before, using cartoons to propagandize against the P.A. In this 2007 cartoon, Fatah leader Mohammed Dahlan, who appears as a rat along with his rat-stooge Zionist-loving Fatah friends, destroys mosques and desecrates the Koran until he is stopped by the Hamas Lion, who was apparently kidnapped from Disney’s The Lion King to Gaza.

‘Toon In to Hate [NY Post via Vos Iz Neias?]