A successful week at Jewcy is one during which we manage to talk about female oppression and llamas. Behold.

As for the former, we have a piece about a controversial policy at a Brooklyn haredi girls school that enforces a dress code for students’ mothers (including no denim, or bright nail polish). The community itself is split, but honestly, it all sounds a bit like The Handmaid’s Tale.

Then, if you need to decompress, check out Rachel Bloom’s newest music video. Is it mandatory that we publish something about her roughly once a fortnight? No, but we sure like to anyway. This video launches her Emmy campaign, in which she musically insists that she doesn’t care about award shows. It’s amazing, especially since she proved her mettle with her performance as a backstage interviewer at the Tonys. Some day, maybe, she’ll be a recipient (we’ll get her to Broadway, somehow).

Speaking of the Tonys…. They may be over, but this menu to celebrate the Broadway season still works, if, ya know, you need to come up with a Broadway-themed Shabbat dinner anytime soon, and you have a high tolerance for Hello, Dolly! puns.

Listen, as Jewcy editor, I have to pretend that I’m cool, with my Tony-themed Shabbat dinners and all. But I confess it’s all an act. Shocking, I know! So allow me to indulge in my nerdiness with this vintage Jewcy article all about Joshua Norton, or more properly, Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico. He was a Jewish 19th-century immigrant who came to San Francisco and declared himself Emperor. And San Francisco, more or less indulged him (never change, San Francisco).

I love him.

Finally, I close a plea for help (and I wasn’t kidding about the llamas): A new Samsung commercial briefly depicts Peruvian llamas turned into cool Hasids (cool=wearing sunglasses) via a phone filter. Please, contact me if you know if this filter is real.